Common questions and answers

How much does it cost?

Cleverly is a subscription service that is free to use the first 30 days. Currently we are doing a limited trial and the final price will be decided after that. 

During the current trial period the service is free to use

What happens with our current phone number?

Nothing! You use your number as usual, but get also get an additional local number where your calls will be redirected to. Cleverly simply replaces your current voicemail.

What if we are several employees in our business?

It’s possible to share one Cleverly account where all employees calls get redirected to. Contact us and we will help you set it up

can cleverly route calls between staff?

No, we are primally focusing on making a smart service that your customers and you can benefit from. In the future call queue and redirect may be added depending on demand

how are calls redirected to cleverly?

We use standards that are built in all cell operators world wide. Call redirect capability is built in in the majority of phones, either land or mobile

Is it easy to terminate the service?

Absolutely, just switch off any active redirects using our app and cancel the subscription in the settings menu. You may need to activate your old voicemail back. You can find that information easily going into your cell providers webpage

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