Automated customer support anytime

Our service will take your phone calls, answer questions and get messages. 24/7

Why use an automated service?

New opportunities

Let everyone who calls, no matter what time or day, to come through and get help.

Better customer experience

Your callers will be met with a welcoming AI agent instead who will answer your frequent questions and take notes.

Save time

CallCleverly will handle calls anytime. By using clever features, people will get help automatically instant insights.

Our goals

Innovate customer service with advanced and affordable tech

✓Inform the actual openings hours

✓Schedule or Book

✓Integrate with your CRM for ticket handling and analytics

✓Answer common questions

✓Different languages? Cleverly can talk many languages and they will be implemented upon customer request and need.

Analysis and visualization


How does it work?

Someone calls you or your store

Your lines are busy, and the callers not attended

The call is redirected to your Cleverly number

No worries, Cleverly takes the call and helps the customer

Help and retain customers

Not only will Cleverly answer, its able to send messages containing links, emails or info to the customer. 


We want our service to be as easy as possible for you to integrate into you current systems.
We also have an app for Android and iOS.

How does CallCleverly sound like?

Standard welcoming message

Let Cleverly answer your most common questions

Sign up to get an invitation

We will contact you and talk on how we can optimize your customer support

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